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I had a great meeting with my neurosurgeon, basically my brains aren’t going to get scrambled, the tumor is right above the brain’s lining, he isn’t even going to cut into the lining so though the tumor is aggressive, it is concentrated in the bone and the outer barrier area. This is going to be a relatively quick operation, about an hour, I hope that while Doctor Nahed is in there, he can vacuum a little bit, get rid of the cobwebs and dust off the corners, do some housekeeping since he’s in there anyway. He also explained that he was reserving the decision to do the shunt until after I’m under anesthesia and he can do a lumbar puncture to check the cerebral fluid pressure, if the puncture test shows pressure than he’ll go ahead with the shunt which will keep me in the hospital for just another day. 

The meeting made us feel confident about the procedure and afterwards we talked about the real exciting part of my treatment plan, the immunotherapy, my neurosurgeon got very passionate about the huge changes in positive outcomes since immunotherapy was discovered. We left feeling great and optimistic about the next few week. Onwards and forward.