Madison Square Park, Flatiron District

Today was a glorious day outside, my mother and I took the subway into the city for lunch. We ate at Vesso’s on Lexington and 31st Street, they have a spectacular thin crust pizza and afterwards we walked down to Union Square passing through the lovely Madison Square Park.

One of my favorite buildings in New York is the Flatiron Building, one of the oldest skyscrapers of New York. I love its unique architecture, it is a timeless structure, a testament to the architect’s artistic vision.

It was such a pleasure to walk around a little part of the city, there was a refreshing breeze, the humidity was gone and the air felt nice and light. We went to Whole Foods to get some ingredients for the green curry chicken and zucchini dish we are going to make tonight. We’ve made this dish before, we really liked it the first time, I hope we do it justice this second time around lol.

Astoria Park

My mother and I walked to Astoria Park hoping that being next to the water, the East River, would give us a breeze, making the humidity and heat more manageable. It worked out exactly as we had hoped, we sat on a bench near the water, enjoying the breeze and watching the speed boats, fishing boats and huge barges pass by, some slowly and others speeding away down the river.

Astoria Park is full of memories for me, my mother was reminiscing about the times she would stroller me to the park before I could walk, forty eight years ago. Myself, I spent years and years playing and hanging out at Astoria Park with my friends. It has changed a little bit over the decades, the playground is still new looking, they gave a facelift to Astoria Park’s pool and they transformed the two way street to a one way street for vehicles and a nice wide path for bicycles.

It’s always nice to visit childhood places and still recognize its essence and specialness.

Back in the saddle


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Today was day one of my new treatment, it wasn’t too bad, Tara my nurse tried very hard to get the I.V going but after two tries, she called in reinforcements and the third time was the charm. After that I settled down with my iPhone and waited for the ninety minutes to trickle away.

I feel pretty good, a little tired, but heck I’m always tired. We came down to visit with my mother, I might feel a little worse for wear tomorrow, but I don’t think I will. I may sing a different tune next week, but for now, so far so good.

Tons of fun at Tanglewood


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Last night was so much fun, we found our friends no problem, we had a nice spot on the grand lawn, we enjoyed our picnic dinner, and we had a baby to play with, the older kids were playing with other kids, so we were focused on the belle of the evening. Mom and dad were there too, lol, babies smell so delicious!

The concert itself was wonderful, listening to the Boston Pops under the light of the moon was a lovely experience. We did have a hiccup during the concert, halfway during the first act, we started getting a lightening show off in the not too far distance, right at intermission we were instructed to leave the lawn area and find refuge at the wine and bar area. As soon as we were underneath the safety of the bar area, the sky opened up, complete with thunder and lightening. It was a spectacular show. Forty minutes later, the show was back on and John Williams did not disappoint.

Tanglewood at Lenox, MA

Tonight we are going to attend an outdoor concert at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. We are going to see John Williams and the Boston Pops, they are going to perform the themes from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, The Return of the Jedi and Star Wars : The Force Awakens, so exciting! That’s going to be the second half, the first half will be another conductor with the Boston Pops performing music from Out of Africa, E.T and other movies. My husband has been several times when he was younger, this will be my first time, who better to see for their first time than John Williams!

Beforehand, we are going to picnic with friends of our’s, the Cormiers, on blankets. We’re bringing Asian cucumber salad, cheeses, crackers, bread and chicken cutlets, something for everyone. This should be a lot of fun.

Good news



We got the results from the scans and it is good news! The nodule in my right lung has grown, but nothing else is percolating and that’s the good news. My MRI shows a small benign tumor, but Doctor Sean is confident that it has nothing to do with my cancer. He is sending me to a neurosurgeon to make absolutely positive he’s right, to err on the side of caution, but I’m sure the neurosurgeon will concur with Doctor Sean and send me on my merry way.

Otherwise, I am gearing myself up for Monday, my first round of chemotherapy, it’ll be fine, Doctor Sean has my anti-nausea prescriptions ready, I’m going in with a positive attitude and I’ll roll with the punches.

I cut my hair


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In preparation for my chemo regimen, I decided to get my hair cut shortish, I didn’t want to go too drastic on the off chance that I defy the odds and keep my hair, you never know. I picked a great day to do it because between the high humidity and the high temperatures, my head feels much lighter and much cooler. I lost a nice size ponytail, quite a bit of hair actually, and I feel great!

Thank you rain for coming!


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I have been hoping for rain for what feels like weeks, I’m fairly sure it hasn’t been weeks, but it sure feels like it’s been weeks since it has rained. The humidity is so high today, I had thought that the rain would have cooled us off, it didn’t, but I am not complaining, we have the fans on, so we’re comfortable.

My plants are probably having a dance party outside right now, jumping up and down, deliriously drunk with rain water. If I knew how to do high tech stuff I would create dancing flowers as a GIF and put it in my post, I don’t know how so I can’t, it would be cool though if I did. Lol.

We need more days like today, all of our gardens are so thirsty. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Comfort from friends


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One of my best friends in the world, my former next door neighbor, Debbie came to visit with me. It did me a world of good. I posted a picture of my hydrangea because of its color, purple; violet, lilac, any iteration of the color purple represents Debbie, I have never met anyone who loves purple more than Debbie. We used to joke around that whatever Debbie touched, if it was a plant, would turn purple. My hydrangea started out as a pink hydrangea, that didn’t last for more than two growing seasons, lol. I have a clematis in the back, it originally produced white blooms and within two years it started to produce purple tinged flowers. I used to love to point it out to Debbie lol. Debbie and I over the years have made so many inside jokes between us, it did me so much good rehashing so many of them. I had a great afternoon.


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